Getting there! The latest free sounds are on their way

Latest Free Sounds InfoDespite being quite a busy week with my normal day job commitments the latest free sounds info are slowly being uploaded one batch at a time.  I’m hoping to be completed fully by the end of September.

Currently, there are four music file categories:

Checking over some of the music files I noticed one that was truncated for some reason so if you see any like that feel free to comment on the post.  However, I’ll try to track back over all the files and check the audio file integrity.

You can expect to see some longer production music tracks in the near future as well.   To add, some specially edited tracks for your 15 and 30 second spots, inclusing top and tail.

It would be really nice to have some more time to dedicate to the free sounds info project.  However, there is currently time constraints in the real world.  Ah, I wish something like this paid my way.  Anyway, bear with me on the slow burn to get these latest free sounds seeing the light of day.