Service Migration and Updates

Free Sounds Info has recently migrated servers and had a change to the platform it runs on. Anyone who’s visited the site before would probably say it’s long overdue!

I originally started the Free Sounds site back in 2005 after my days as a songwriter/producer and thought I’d be of service uploading some of my music loops, production beds and sounds that I never really used. In the meantime, the site has been quite popular with 1,000’s of downloads.

So essentially for 13 years, the site remained pretty much untouched until now.  I will be restoring all the old music files over the coming weeks and hopefully, some new material never uploaded before.

If you use Free Sounds Info from time to time maybe show your support by liking the Facebook page. Although I’m likely to be updating the site itself so there are more interactive features.

Happy producing for now and stay tuned for further updates.