Retro Synth Loops: Crowd Rush Sound Bank

Crowd Rush Retro Synth Loops Sound Bank
Crowd Rush Audio Loops Sound Bank

Download the Crowd Rush Audio Loops Sound Bank in wav file format (wave file). Electronic retro-style synth audio loops to add to your audio or video production.



Download “Clive”

clive.wav – Downloaded 785 times – 751.10 KB

Slack Back

Download “Slap Back”

slapback.wav – Downloaded 686 times – 575.07 KB

Television Hype

Download “Television Hype”

television_hype.wav – Downloaded 692 times – 750.72 KB

Train Rush

Download “Train Rush”

train_rush.wav – Downloaded 652 times – 288.65 KB

Retro Synth Loops and How They Can Easily Transform Your Music

What is a Synth Loop

A retro synth loop is a sound recording that has been broken into sections (for example, 4 bars) and then arranged in a particular order.

A synth loop is typically created by taking an existing audio file (a drum beat), slicing it up, and assigning each slice to an instrument. This can be edited using the audio editing software Logic Pro X or the intelligent function in any DAW (digital audio workstation).

Retro synth loops are used to provide background music for video games, television shows, commercials, podcasts and more. Synth loops are also used for live performances and electronic dance music.

Vintage Synthesizer Creating Audio Loops
Creating audio loops using a vintage synthesizer

How to Use Retro Synth Loops in Your Music Production

Vintage synth loops are a great way to add vibrancy and originality to your song. They can help you create a diverse sound that will help you stand out in the music industry.

It’s important to remember that synth loops can be used in any genre of music, just like any other instrument. Synths loops will most likely be used in electronic and techno songs, but they can also be used in pop and rock songs.

Hip-hop producers love synth loops because they add such an awesome quality to the song. If you want your track to have a Hip-Hop/RnB feel, synth loops will do it for you!

It’s a lot easier to use synth loops in your music production. You can use a synth loop as a foundation for your track and build on it with other synths, samples, and drums.

The best thing about using synth loops is that you don’t have to worry about digging through thousands of royalty-free samples or synths for the perfect one. You also don’t have to spend hours making your own loops from scratch.

3 Ways You Can Use Retro Synth Loops in Your Songwriting

Why not try new things?

A song can be transformed with just a little bit of creativity and using the tools you already have. All it takes is to explore your current resources and try out new things.

Synth loops are a perfect example of how every songwriter should explore their resources and options, as they can create amazing songs with just a little bit of creativity.

Synths are a powerful tool for recording artists. They can be used to create new sounds for your songs or provide an atmosphere in the background.

Some of the most popular synths have retro style loops. These loops are easy to use and can be added to your song with just a few clicks of the mouse.

Vintage Synth Loops Designed For Today’s Production

This article discusses the use of old-school synth loops in present-day music production.

The article provides a few examples of vintage synth loops in today’s productions. It also features an interview with producer Red Panda, who shares his experience using vintage synth loops to create music.

If you have been looking for vintage synth loops to use in your production but can’t find the perfect ones, then this article is for you.

Many people are often surprised by the new sounds created when they use vintage synths in their productions. The old sounds are known to be warmer sounding. 

It can be hard to get the same old sound of an older synth with today’s synthesizers because they were designed for analogue circuits.

If you are looking for new sounds in your production, these vintage synth loops will do the trick!

2 Ways You Can Use Retro Synth Loops in EDM for Breakdowns or Buildups

There are two ways to use Retro Synth Loops in EDM for breakdowns or buildups.

The first way is to use synth loops with 8-bar phrases, where the loop will be played twice during the loop. The second way is to use synth loops with 16-bar phrases, where the loop will be played four times in a row.

This article will explore two ways you can use retro synth loops in EDM for breakdowns or buildups.


The easiest way to use a retro synth loop in a breakdown is by bringing it down with chords. Playing a chord progression over the top of the loop will make it sound like the song is coming to an end, creating a dynamic shift and saving other synths from being used.

Single Notes: 

Another way to use these loops is by playing them one note at a time for buildups or transitions into other sections of your song. This gives it an analog feel that would not be achievable if you were just using synths.

Start Using Retro Synth Loops Today to Give Your Songs New Life!

Synth music is making a comeback, which means that the retro synthesizer loops need to make a comeback.

We live in an era where technology has become so advanced that it can produce anything – but with this power comes the responsibility to make sure you are using it in the way intended.

This is why we want to show our readers how they can use retro synth loops to give their songs new life.

We hope this article about how best to use retro synth loops has been helpful for you today!