The Impact of Silence: Leveraging Pauses for Dramatic Effect

The Impact of Silence: Leveraging Pauses for Dramatic Effect

Silence is often overlooked in the world of audio production, video production, and film production. Yet, it is an incredibly powerful tool that can create moments of great emotional impact and enhance storytelling. We will explore how silence can be used to create tension, build suspense, and evoke powerful emotions. We will delve into the … Read more

Why Use Tablature for Guitar

Why Use Tablature for Guitar

Tablature, commonly referred to as guitar tabs, is a popular notation system used by guitar players of all skill levels. It provides a simplified way to read and play music on the guitar, making it an essential tool for both beginners and advanced players. In this article, we will explore the benefits and advantages of … Read more

Buying the Best MIDI Keyboard for Your Needs

Playing MIDI keyboard by a beginner

Key Terms and Concepts to Know about MIDI Keyboards A MIDI keyboard is a musical instrument that sends electronic signals to a synthesiser or other sound module. This allows the player to play the synthesiser without knowing how to play it. The MIDI keyboard is an integral part of the development of music and has … Read more

A Guide to Music for Slow Motion Videos

Slow Motion Video Music

What are Slow Motion Videos and How to Choose the Right Music Slow-motion videos have been slowed down to give the viewer a more in-depth look at what is happening. They are used in many different visual production and film types, from sporting events to weddings. Slow-mo videos also make for excellent background music for … Read more

Download Video Music for Free to Place in Video Production

Download Video Music For Free

Many websites offer free music downloads for video production. But it’s important to know which sites are best for your needs. Some websites offer free video music downloads for productions, but their prices may be higher than what you can find elsewhere. It may be worth considering other options before you download the video music. … Read more