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About has been created by myself Dean Usher, a musician and web developer from Australia. I have been writing production music (background music) for television and radio since 1995.

The music on this website has either been recorded and produced by myself, by musical friends that I have been involved with over the years or from copyright free sources. The files are part of a library of recordings that have been unused for commercial publishing and I would like to see them circulating amongst the internet community.

You are free to use all the music for whichever way you like. The only stipulation I make is that you don’t claim the production music as your own or redistribute. Please give credits to this website where possible.

Link to by pasting the following code into your website:

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Use of production music on TV/Radio

If the production music is used on television, radio or other media covered by a blanket licence (ie where the media outlet pays for the performance royalties) I ask that you mark down publishing credits on your cue sheets to:

Publisher/composer: Dean Usher
Affiliated performance rights association: A.P.R.A (Australasian Performance Rights Association)

Worldwide performance rights associations associated with APRA include ASCAP (USA), BMI, SESAC, PRS (UK) more here