Cheerful Background Music – Going Up

Cheerful Background Music

Guide to Finding & Using the Best Cheerful Background Music for Video Production What is Cheerful Background Music and How Does it Affect You?  Music has been a considerable part of our lives since the beginning of modern times. It is used in everything from movies to television ads to video games. Music can affect … Read more

Ambient Flowing Advertising Music – Ambiflow

Ambient Flowing Advertising Music

Ambient Flowing Advertising Music to Enhance Brand Awareness An Overview of Ambient Music and Its Impact on Consumer Experience The purpose of ambient music is to be unobtrusive and to create a feeling of calm and space. It has been found that ambient music has many benefits for consumers. For example, it can reduce stress … Read more

Feel Good Background Music – Free Wav File Download

Brilliant Life Feel Good Background Music

If you want a simple description, this music file download is feel-good background music for video production. The Inspiration for This Theme Music Here is a closer look at this music track to give you a better sense of what it is all about. The inspiration for Brilliant Life draws from a natural musical setting. … Read more

Free Background Music – LA Freeway

About the composition Free background music titled “LA Freeway” to use in your audio-video production. A 15-second upbeat music piece. Download both the full mix and underscore version in 256 kbps mp3 format. Uses for this music… Youtube background music Video Production Audio bed for voiceover Games production Website background music Download Audio Files Audio … Read more

Night Walker – Energetic 15 seconds with top and tail

Night Walker Production Music

Lively free production music. Downloads include 15-second edits for web, video and television production. Download the file in 256k mp3. Night Walker – Full Mix Night Walker – Underscore Best License-Free Energetic Production Music For Download Music For Visual Production Production music is a type of music that is created for the sole purpose of … Read more

Between Clouds – Download Free Ethereal Instrumental Music

Inbetween clouds - free production music

Free production music tracks for download. 15-second edits for web and video production. Between Clouds paints light fluffy sounds with an upbeat mood. Some would describe it as ethereal instrumental music. Download the file in 256k mp3. Music to fly through the clouds reaching lofty heights To set the scene. A translucent figure emerges from … Read more

Beat Town Free Stock Music Bed

Beat Town Stock Music

Lively and energetic free production music. There are two soundtracks to include in your next visual production.  Most noteworthy, there is a 15-second full version for themes or an opening introduction.  Also, an underscore music bed to place a voice over on top.  Both tracks are suitable for web, radio, video and film production. If you’d like to … Read more