Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions
Can I use the music and audio from to put in my YouTube video or podcast?

Yes, you sure can. Any of the audio files from this website can be used in
* YouTube videos
* Facebook and other social media platforms
* Television
* Film
* Podcasts, vodcasts or vlogging
* anything really

What are music loops?

Music loops are a short sound bite of audio that is intended to be repeated continuously to form a music bed for your video production. It’s also common to use music loops with music production, eg a drum loop that repeats while adding instrumentation or vocals over the top.

Do I have to credit when I use the audio in my video production?

The short answer is no, but it would be appreciated if you do. The only thing I ask is if your production is screened on television or radio where the broadcaster pays a blanket license (ie where you don’t pay) if you can credit as follows on the queue sheet…
Publisher/composer: Dean Usher
Affiliated performance rights association: A.P.R.A (Australasian Performance Rights Association)
as stated on the about page of this website.

Who is the team behind

There is one person. My name is Dean Usher. Please see the about page of this website for more information.

Where can I contact you?

You may contact me via the FreeSoundsWeb Facebook page using the “Send message” facility. Please note though, I don’t create custom music these days. All the music on is as-is, from my archives. So I have a take it or leave it policy.

Do you have any other free or commercial websites I can download more audio from?

No, I’m sorry. All the music and audio I can freely distribute is on this website. However, if I receive more support for this website I will add more audio files.