Up and Out Dance Loops

A dance loop is a type of music composition that is typically used in modern electronic dance music. Dance loops can be generally categorized by their rhythmic and melodic properties, the complexity of the loop, and the rhythm section backing it.

Up and Out Dance Loops
Up and Out Dance Loops created for audio production

Free music loops to download dance sounds for your website production. If you like the preview click on the link ‘Download wav file’ to download the file in 44.1k 16-bit stereo wav.

Ape the Bass

Download “Ape the Bass”

ape_the_bass.wav – Downloaded 1134 times – 734.65 KB

On the Street

Download “On the Street”

on_the_street.wav – Downloaded 829 times – 158.83 KB


Download “Etman”

etman.wav – Downloaded 622 times – 917.37 KB

Fruit Dance 1

Download “Fruit Dance 1”

fruit_dance.wav – Downloaded 665 times – 316.40 KB

Fruit Dance 2

Download “Fruit Dance 2”

fruit_dance2.wav – Downloaded 580 times – 294.86 KB

Dance Loops Used in Audio Production

A loop is a short sequence of usually recorded music that briefly plays before looping back to the beginning again. These are usually found in hip hop songs where they are used to extend or mix up an instrumental break or briefly underscore a pause in the dialogue.

Some examples of popular dance loops are “Cotton Eyed Joe” and “Good Times.” An audio loop is a short section of a song that has been cut up and arranged to repeat seamlessly.

The use of loops is widespread in many kinds of electronic music. Examples include dance, hip hop, R&B or even pop. This rhythmic sound is an audio loop that can be used as a musical accompaniment to dancing routines. They are similar to music loops, but they tend to be shorter and more repetitive.

Dance loops can come in different lengths from short five-second loops to longer looped tracks around a minute or so long. The shorter kind of loop might last for one beat, while the longer kind will usually have two or three cycles of repetition. 

Disco music generally consists of a handful of these long tracks, which are then broken up into multiple shorter chunks to play back-to-back to create an uninterrupted rhythm.

Dance Music Production

Dance music production is the process of creating a song or instrumental track, typically for a musical ensemble such as a DJ or dance band.

It is composed and played in clubs, radio stations and homes.

The tempo ranges from 120 bpm to 200 bpm. Generally, there are four types of dance music: electronic, techno, breakbeat and drum ‘n’ bass. The three purposes of dance music are entertainment, cultural identity and artistic expression.

Dance music production is the production of dance music such as house music, techno, or disco. Dance music producers typically produce songs by assembling loops and samples of electronic drums and percussion, synthesizers, and vocal phrases. The song structure typically consists of a verse and a chorus with the chorus’s lyrics usually being significantly different from those in the verse.

Popular Music Genres

Popular Music Genres are often classified according to their sound or mood. This categorization is usually done on an informal basis as there is no universally agreed-upon genre classification system.

Popular Genres Defined by Their Sound or Mood:

  • Rock Music – rocking rhythms and a strong beat 
  • Pop Music – top 20 popular music

Dance music production is the act of creating a song or instrumental track that is typically performed with dance moves. The lyrics are often in the form of chants, shouts, and/or raps. This form of music is popular in nightclubs and at parties.